Jake Palumbo & Nappy Roots Live @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn 8/13

In preparation for his upcoming solo project The Hundred-Thousandaire Hobo, Jake Palumbo will be performing live at Brooklyn’s legendary Knitting Factory on Tuesday, August 13th.  The bill also includes Nappy Roots – the platinum-selling Kentucky hip-hop group recognized for hits such as “Aww Naw” & “Po Folks”.

Doors open at 7:30pm & the show begins at 8pm.  Tickets are $20 for general admission & can be found at Ticketweb, & at The Knitting Factory‘s website.

Ruste Juxx & Jake Palumbo team up for “Jake & The Juxxman” LP

Over the last 15 years, Brooklyn emcee & self-proclaimed “King Of Crime Heights” Ruste Juxx has developed a reputation for consistency, fine-tuned, razor-sharp lyrics & energetic live performances across the globe.

As a protege of the late, great Sean Price, Juxx made his entrance with his 2008 debut Indestructible on Duck Down Records, & has continued to release critically-acclaimed & fan-favorite projects ever since. Touring with acts like Sean Price, Jedi Mind Tricks & Ghostface Killah has earned the Crown Heights emcee a loyal international fanbase that eclipses that of many artists with bigger labels & marketing dollars behind them. Ruste Juxx has a history of sticking with a single producer across an entire album – in fact, all but two of his 9 LP’s have been crafted by one producer (including respected names such as Marco Polo, The Arcitype, & more)

Balancing the hats of Producer & Artist – alongside his day gig as one of NYC’s busiest recording & mix engineers – whether crafting beats, trading bars, or mixing & mastering, Jake Palumbo has slowly gained recognition over the last few years for his work with elite emcees such as Roc Marciano, Royce Da 5’9″, Sean Price (RIP), Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Ras Kass, El Da Sensei (Artifacts), Kool Keith, Canibus, Vast Aire, Shabaam Sahdeeq & many more; he has also selfreleased a lengthy discography via his SpaceLAB Recordings imprint.

Having previously collaborated on the single “Exoskeleton” (also featuring Tek of Smif-N-Wessun) off last year’s Jake It Till You Make It LP, Ruste began using Jake’s busy NYC studio to record his countless feature verses. The two quickly stumbled upon a fast & fluid workflow that almost defied gravity – entire songs were completed in 15 minutes or less sometimes, between Ruste’s effortless speed in the booth & Jake’s fast-handed accuracy behind the boards. Jake began playing his latest batch of beats for Ruste; over the next few sessions, they recorded two new songs (“Get Yo Fill” & “Poem To Your Dome”), & were happy enough with the results they committed to doing a collaborative EP. Once the planned 7 songs were completed they kept recording new material until the EP became an 12-song LP.

The album sat on ice for a few months as Ruste released his International Juxx album, collaborating with emcees across the globe in their native language, & did several tours overseas in both Europe & Japan, helping to strengthen his global fan-base. Juxx also appeared on Sean Price’s fnal LP Imperius Rex, on the powerful “Ape In His Apex”, a fitting send-off to his mentor. Palumbo meanwhile signed with Soulspazm, who re-released his Jake It Till You Make It LP & began distributing his SpaceLAB Recordings imprint. In February 2018 he produced (in full) Rock Mecca’s critically acclaimed sophomore LP Ironworld, & is finishing up work on his upcoming collaborative album with Artifacts emcee El Da Sensei.

Proper timing is everything, & with an important show coming up at legendary NYC venue the Highline Ballroom on July 5th, the two agreed that July 6th would be the perfect release date. With a fully complete, yet still-untitled album, the two shared a laugh reminiscing over the modestly-popular 80’s crime drama Jake & The Fatman, & the answer soon presented itself. Artist Billy Bonks (known for his album art for Apathy, Spit Gemz, & many more) was commissioned to draw the humorous, yet dead serious cover, a tribute of sorts to the largely-forgotten TV series.

With 12 songs at a total running time of just over 34 minutes, Jake & The Juxxman takes a “no filler” approach, trimming the fat & getting straight to the point of barbarian bars & compelling instrumentals, delivering concepts with a message while still providing a head-nodding experience. Guest appearances are kept to a minimum, with the legendary Waterproof Emcee Ras Kass providing eye-opening perspective on the album-closer “Wake Up”, while rising Brooklyn wordsmith & underground veteran Skanks The Rap Martyr (Bankai Fam / Shinigame Records) pops in with ferocious wordplay on “Full Speed Ahead.”

Jake & The Juxxman will be available on all retailers & streaming services 7/6/18, via SpaceLAB Recordings / Soulspazm. For more information visit: www.rustejuxx.com www.jakepalumbo.com

Rock Mecca releases “Ironworld” LP, Produced by Jake Palumbo. Features Kool Keith, Roc Marciano, & More

Rock Mecca Set To Release Sophomore LP “Ironworld”, Produced by Jake Palumbo

SpaceLAB Recordings – in association with Rebel Vein Ent. & Soulspazm Records, presents Ironworld – the sophomore LP from Queens emcee supreme Rock Mecca.

The central theme of Ironworld is based in competition & combat – centered around the concept of survival of the fittest, the LP is shrouded in a warrior spirit which appears throughout the album in the form of sports references, gritty narratives of street life, gladiator battles, martial arts & the bloodsport of rap. Hard and cold is the world, & Ironworld provides a soundtrack for anyone trying to conquer it. Representing the struggle & grind to the top of one’s mountain, the album is brutal, honest & callous, on down to the artwork.

Motivated by innovation & originality, Rock Mecca comes armed with vivid rhymes, a gritty flow & energetic delivery. Determined to make music without labels, the enigmatic emcee pushes the envelope & colors outside the lines, to ensure he’s never boxed in. While always striving to push the envelope forward sonically, Rock also remains true to the boom-bap sounds of the Queens streets who raised him.

The 13-track LP is carefully-crafted, hardcore Hip-Hop, Produced entirely by rising Brooklyn producer Jake Palumbo (Ras Kass, Royce Da 5’9”, Masta Ace), who brings a dark, melodic, frenetic & headphone-ready soundtrack, perfect for an approaching cold winter. The album features hand-selected guest appearances from acclaimed emcees such as Roc Marciano, Canibus, Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox, Kool Keith, Mach Hommy, Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Ron G.

Ironworld is the follow-up to Rock’s critically acclaimed 2012 debut Pirate Radio Star. In between albums Rock kept busy working the college radio circuit, performing live & appearing on mixtapes by legendary DJ’s such as DJ Smallz & DJ Ron G. As the artist took his time to perfect his follow-up LP, he kept the streets & blogosphere up-to-date with a steady flow of single leaks – “W.A.S.C. (Rebel Anthem)”, “One Man Gang”, “Hells Angels” feat. Canibus & “Prizefights” – 3 of the aforementioned singles having cracked College Radio Top 10 charts upon release.

“One Man Gang” finds an ambitious Rock Mecca spitting aggressive, metaphor-heavy bars that prove he’s someone to look out for and he won’t stop fighting for his place on top. Dope track!..If these first songs are what the rest of Ironworld will sound like, then you better keep your eyes and ears open for that release.

– Tiffology, CrayonBeats.com

“If I had to pin down his flow, I’d call it a cross between the lisp of Kool G. Rap and the octave of Cormega, taking the distinctive characteristics of both without becoming a rip-off…the swagger of a street entrepreneur, he’s also got the intellect of a hustler turned CEO like Jay-Z”

– Steve Juon, RapReviews.com For more information visit:

www.rockmecca.com Twitter / IG: @RockMecca www.soundcloud.com/rockmecca https://www.facebook.com/RockMecca

www.jakepalumbo.com IG / Twitter: @jakepalumbo www.soundcloud.com/jakepalumbo www.facebook.com/jakepalumbo.spacelab

For press, interview inquiries & drops, please email spacelabrecordings@gmail.com


  1. Steel Cages (Intro)
  2. King Of Kings
  3. One Man Gang
  4. W.A.S.C. (Rebel Anthem)
  5. Stone Cold
  6. Tunnel Visions
  7. Gladiator Schools feat. Roc Marciano
  8. Prizefights feat. Ratigan
  9. Coliseums feat. Tragedy Khadafi
  10. Stanley Cups feat. DJ Ron G
  11. Killa feat. Vast Aire, Mach Hommy, & Kool Keith
  12. Hells Angels feat. Canibus
  13. Survivor Series

Good News, Bad News: SpaceLAB is NOT closing…but we are moving.

From The Desk Of Jake Palumbo:

Guys & gals, I don’t really know where to start. I guess the easiest way would be to say there’s good news, & bad news? In my experience, it’s always best to start with the bad news first. I apologize in advance to the “Too Long, Didn’t Read” crowd, but this is neither a short or simple story.

The bad news is that we have been silently fighting a lengthy & complicated legal battle over the last year & some change, and the SpaceLAB – along with every other tenant we share an address with, are being forced to vacate the building we have called home for the last 6 years at 251 W. 30th Street, in the (soon to be renamed) Recording & Rehearsal Arts Building.
Unfortunately due to the legal nature of the matter, I am prohibited from speaking on most of what happened publicly (plus, I have to save something for my book). What I can say is the following: In October 2015, the Planet 2 Planet complex (aka the entire basement housing 6 studio spaces, 2 of which were mine – and studio floor that has been here since 1974, well before I was born) renewed its lease with our building for another three years In March of 2016, our building was sold for $54 Million to Herald Square Properties, a group of developers, intent on converting one of the longest-standing & last-remaining buildings that catered to musicians & their needs into luxury condos, with a few floors of luxury office space. The new owners quickly issued eviction notices, to everyone; and by everyone I mean every last tenant in the building. As owners, this was their right, except for the whole legal aspect of not being able to evict someone with a lease. Thus began a long & complicated legal battle that we both on the front lines for, as well as on the sidelines with our hands tied, being that the SpaceLAB & our neighbors are all technically sub-tenants of our landlord.

And that’s about all I can say here, unfortunately. The battle waged on, our lawyers initially got the first eviction notice thrown out, but after going through every type of twist & turns & speculated outcomes & “WTF” moments, as of 2 weeks ago we were forced to face the bottom line….we have to be out of here April 15th. Just to clarify a few things real quick:

1) This was in no way a vendetta against SpaceLAB Recordings, nor even against Planet 2 Planet; we were not singled out, the entire building – even the non-music businesses who rent space here – is being forced out in the name of helping convert Manhattan completely into a boutique playground for the 1%. This issue is WAY bigger than any of us, it’s just what NYC is unfortunately becoming 🙁
2) This is not our company “closing”, nor did the SpaceLAB fail financially, nor were we in rent default. On the contrary, we have grown consistently every year since opening 6 years ago this month.
3) I assure you we exhausted EVERY possibility in trying to uphold our lease as originally renewed, & spent a lot of money trying.
4) This sucks.

Wait, I thought you said there was going to be good news, Palumbo? Well the good news is, after having a complete & total nervous meltdown after receiving the news that arguably the greatest era of my life, & residency on the block I’ve called home for almost a decade (I worked at Play Studios in the building next door prior to opening this place) was coming to an end……eventually you have no choice but to pick up the pieces, and yourself, & keep it moving. I’m happy to say we have already located a new studio space, deposit is down, lease is signed. We will be re-opening at our new location at 1080 Wyckoff Ave in Brooklyn on or before May 1st. I get the keys to the new space April 1st, we’ll be out of here after April 15th, I’m going to take a few days or a week off to re-charge my heart & mind, then it’s back to the races!

The space is a little smaller than what we had before, but it’s dope, the rent is better, and our building is a giant creative community that even has a coffee shop, restaurant, & performance venue attached to the side…..so guess who may start throwing shows again!?!?! Ultimately, change is often a good thing, so post-meltdown I’ve tried to adjust my attitude into seeing this as being forced (at gunpoint) into addressing the issues in my business that need to be addressed, which are:

1) SpaceLAB as a company makes good money, but almost all of the profits go towards maintaining Manhattan overhead, & not towards building for the future or re-investing into bigger projects.
2) I work on average 12 hours per day, but sometimes as many as 15 hours, 6-7 days per week, & while I enjoy a large chunk of my work, a large chunk of it I definitely do NOT enjoy. This has lead to burnout, medical exhaustion, health issues, but mostly me being cranky all the time (I know y’all had to notice). So for the sake of everyone, I need to scale back my workload to predominately things I enjoy working on, with people I enjoy working with.
3) As I stare down my old age (lol) for some odd reason, my career as an artist & producer is getting more attention than it ever has, & I need to maximize these opportunities while I still have a chance to do so.
4) I CONSTANTLY miss out on shows, cyphers, panels, parties & all types of events that would behoove me to attend & network at, because I’m CONSTANTLY in the studio doing sessions to earn more money just to fund that rent check for next month. I’d like to be able to hang out with y’all more, & maybe even tour again!

Also, I have a pretty dope deal with the owners of the new building that both allows me a long-term lease if I’m happy in the new space, and also allows the option to leave easily & peacefully should I find another space better suited for us along the way. I will be going live on Facebook or doing a video later to discuss some of the other details of the matter, how we got here, & more details on the plans for the future, but I’d like to re-iterate that WE ARE NOT CLOSING, WE ARE JUST MOVING.

I would like to end here by saying a sincere & heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who EVER worked on music here, referred a friend, spent their hard-earned bread to record here, or get your songs mixed. I have seen MANY studios drop dead due to lack of clientele, & it gives be great pride to know we we stayed booked up as much as 1-2 weeks in advance, with virtually no advertisement, ever; our busy calendar was all repeat clients & referrals from other clients. We could have never done this without you, & I hope you will join us at our new location & continue to choose SpaceLAB for all your audio & musical needs.

Many thanks also to EVERYONE who worked here to help keep this place running – first off my right-hand man Mo Kofuma, who gave a lot of himself to help keep this place running for the last 5 years, Michael Goodwin, Kelly Rodriguez, Leo “Eaz The Engineer” Lara (PREP Sound), Louis Rossmann for helping me get started, Jon Grossbard for being a rock-n-roll landlord, our freelance producers & engineers Coptic, Buck3000, Jay Pluto, PM Lawson, Ben Arrindel, Mak Pacius, & Duncan “Ducada” Forbes who chose our studio as their workspace, my awesome neighbors Phil Moffa, Michael Gratezer & Michael Gannon, our wonderful night time building super Rohan Rohit, & last but not least, the constant, never-ending source of laughter & entertainment in our lobby – my bro Petro.

I’m really excited about this next step, & happy to find adventure in the unknown & uncertain. While most of the news we read each day is dismal, & we’re about to undertake a large transitional workload, I must say the future looks as bright as it ever has 🙂

– Jake Palumbo

Jake It Till You Make It Tracklist, In Stores 11.18.16

Jake It Till You Make It Tracklist

In Stores 11.18.16

Friday, November 18th: Brooklyn, NY-by-way-of-Tennessee producer & emcee Jake Palumbo releases his 4th official solo effort via his independent label SpaceLAB RecordingsJake It Till You Make It, a follow-up to 2014’s Curtain Jerker compilation, & his two previous studio albums Jobber To The Stars & District Selectman.

While the album’s title hopefully inspires a laugh, the sentiments are neither ironic, nor sarcastic. An independent artist for over 10 years, & having worked at almost every level of the music industry – artist, producer, engineer, DJ, intern, studio manager, studio owner, & entrepreneur-by-necessity, the album is an idiosyncratic, snarky commentary on his unusual journey of patience, sticking to one’s mission, betting on long-shots & quite simply never giving up. Over a soundtrack that spans traditional boom-bap to spaced-out Southern melodies, Jake Palumbo delivers in a stream-of-consciousness rant style that seeks to “edutain” – sneaking it’s uplifting message in between multi-syllabic bars of imagination, hedonism & dark, matter-of-fact humor & inside jokes.

The 16-track LP was Produced entirely by Jake Palumbo, & features guest appearances from Roc Marciano, Ras Kass, Ruste Juxx, Tek of Smif-N-Wessun, El Da Sensei, Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Gant, Innocent?, Sean Price (RIP), as well as the SpaceLAB Recordings roster – C-Zar Van Gogh, Ciphurphace, Gotham Heights, & Ollie OX.

The 2nd single & music video “Exoskeleton” featuring Ruste Juxx & Tek, was released on November 15th, to positive reviews in the online hip-hop community. Visuals were directed by Megadon, who also handled the clip for the 1st single “Tuffalupagus” featuring C-Zar Van Gogh.

As a producer, Jake Palumbo is currently in the studio preparing full length projects with Ruste Juxx, El Da Sensei of The Artifacts, Rock Mecca & more. Keeping busy as an engineer he’s been behind the recording, mixing & mastering of many albums out of his Manhattan studio such as Shabaam Sahdeeq Keepers Of The Lost Art, Psycho Les of The Beatnuts Dank God, Vol. 1, the upcoming Rockness Monsta solo LP Rockness AP & many more. For more information visit www.jakepalumbo.com


All Songs Produced By Jake Palumbo

Long Road To F-List Stardom
Jake It Till You Make It
Tuffalupagus feat. C-Zar Van Gogh
Wolf Of 30th Street
Undisputed Underdogs feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq
Duke Evers
Cobra Clutch (Still Holding Up)
Tommy Two-Phones
Manilla Envelopes feat. Roc Marciano & Innocent?
Exoskeleton feat. Ruste Juxx & Tek of Smif-N-Wessun
Gravy Like Gumbo feat. El Da Sensei
Pieces (Sad Boi Burriell) feat. Gotham Heights
Jackie Shell, Bounty Hunter feat. El Gant & Ras Kass
High Tide Rising
Wrong End Of The Telescope feat. Ollie OX & Ciphurphace
Dikembe Palumbo feat. Sean Price

“Exoskeleton” Feat. Ruste Juxx & Tek of Smif-N-Wessun (Official Music Video)

“Exoskeleton” Feat. Ruste Juxx & Tek of Smif-N-Wessun (Official Music Video)

Tennessee-born, Brooklyn-based Producer & Emcee Jake Palumbo unveils the 2nd single from his upcoming solo project, Jake It Till You Make It – “Exoskeleton”, a high-energy, no-nonsense diatribe featuring three distinct emcees trading hard-body bars atop explosive drums & piano chops, topped off as usual by Jake Palumbo’s trademark snarky sense of humor. Joining him on the track is Boot Camp Clik alumni Ruste Juxx & Tek of Smif-N-Wessun, both of whom Palumbo has worked with extensively over the last year at his Manhattan studio.

Shot on location in Brooklyn, the colorful visuals were directed by Megadon, who directed Jake’s previous video, last year’s “Tuffalupagus” featuring label-mate C-Zar Van Gogh.
Jake It Till You Make It will be available 11.18.16 on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, Google Play & wherever music is sold. CD’s will be available shortly after.

“Exoskeleton” debuted on ThisIs50.com today as well as many other great blogs & sites.

Jake It Till You Make It Coming Fall 2016

Jake It Till You Make It Coming Fall 2016


Jake Palumbo is gearing up to release his 4th full-length solo effort, Jake It Till You Make It through his SpaceLAB Recordings imprint this fall. The album is a followup to his previous projects District Selectman, & Future Dead Rapper, as well as 2014’s Curtain Jerker compilation.

While the album’s title hopefully inspires a laugh, the sentiments are neither ironic, nor sarcastic. An independent artist for over 10 years, & having worked at almost every level of the music industry artist, producer, engineer, DJ, intern, assistant, street team, & personality the album is an idiosyncratic, snarky commentary on patience, sticking to one’s mission, betting on long-shots & quite simply never giving up.

The LP is produced entirely by Jake Palumbo, & features guest appearances from Roc Marciano, Ras Kass, Sean Price (RIP), Ruste Juxx, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Tek of SmifNWessun, El Gant, Ciphurphace, C-Zar Van Gogh, Gotham Heights, Innocent? & Ollie OX.

Jake It Till You Make It will be available on CD, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal & wherever music is sold or streamed.