Jake Palumbo combines humor, an extensive vocabulary, hedonism, vulnerability, narcissistic egomania, social commentary, anger, regret with a serving of inspirational optimism, simmered & reduced into a homemade gravy uniquely his own.

Drawing influence from the likes of Frank Zappa & Ric Flair as much as Wu-Tang & Kool Keith while keeping a Libra balance of “intelligence vs. ignorance”, Jake Palumbo spits dense verbals in his signature Southern twang that frequently blur the lines as to when he’s kidding or serious – leaving the listener at times laughing, head nodding, pleasantly confused. More a storyteller & comedian than a battle emcee, he still remains a card-carrying nerd for the science of rap, which ensures his bars are never lazy. This “walking contradiction” persona carries over into the musical end of things as well. Jake Palumbo’s heart is clearly in dusty boom-bap & unearthing rare vinyl grooves…but there is a split-personality in his musical chops as well, deeply true to his Southern roots, paying homage to lo-fi early 90’s Memphis cassettes, reinterpreted from the basement view of his New York Studio.



A veteran of over 500 live shows & several self-booked tours, Mr. Palumbo has developed a small cult following for his animated behavior & energetic performance, nervous tick, and tendency to injure himself onstage (we’re unfortunately not kidding.)  tour to date was 2011’s coast-to-coast 4 Deep In A Honda tour, which took Palumbo & his label-mates Ciphurphace, C-Zar Van Gogh & Ollie OX across the USA from New York to Los Angeles for 3 weeks – literally 4 emcees crammed in a 4-door Honda Accord.

Since 2008 Palumbo has traded verses alongside hip-hop heavyweights such as Royce Da 5’9”, Roc Marciano, Ras Kass, Shabaam Sahdeeq, El Da Sensei, Ruste Juxx, Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, Reef The Lost Cauze, Crooked I, Canibus, Chino XLSean Price (RIP) & more.  And features on popular web cyphers from The Cypher Effect, The Bee Shine & more showcased his unorthodox style to hip-hop fans who might have only been familiar with his work behind the boards.





Jake is currently preparing his 4th full-length solo project, Jake It Till You Make It – a trademark snarky commentary on his decade of shenanigans in the indie music industry, due for a Fall 2016 release. The LP follows up 2011’s Jobber To The Stars – it’s title another snarky self-deprecation – and 2009’s sophomore District Selectman LP, named after his “Hood Politician” alter-ego. In between solo projects Palumbo kept busy releasing his Curtain Jerker compilation of collaborations, freestyles & B-sides in 2015. Teaming up with label-mate Ciphurphace to form the outlaw-country-tinged rap duo Moonshine Burrito, they released the collaborative album South By Southwest in November 2013.